The Palazzo Ducale, also known as Doge’s Palace in Venice, was the seat of city government for centuries, because, it was the home of the Doge, the elected Governor of Venice, but also it was the seat of its law courts, its civil administration and bureaucracy and, before being transferred along the bridge of Sighs, even the city jail.


Guided tours of the Doge’s Palace in Venice are full of charm and history: every stone, passagewat and artwork evokes the power of the Serenissima Republic of Venice for over a millennium exerted an unparalleled imperial control. But the story lies in the depths of the Palazzo Ducale in Venice, in those places that are extraordinarily open to tourists.
The secret itineraries of the Doge’s Palace in Venice could be visited by arrangement in which a specialized guide will lead in the rooms where, during the power of Serenissima, took place the most important administrative tasks of the state.


Doge’s Palace Venice
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